Finally finished this. A muscle relaxer by way of ear.
cd-r. mp3s, a few video files and 2 new pieces of art to absorb.

...and finishing this.
a noise collage. 45 minutes.
all samples, loops and noises taken from a box of old cassettes and micro-cassettes from 92 & 94. post & leavenworth. eddy & van ness. interior and exterior sounds.

you can hear other stuff here.


random frames from-The Book of Jim (Sumii II)-unreleased

on a more positive note: I guess I could finish painting this now that it's home full of new experience, dents and dirt.

New music soon:
Hominid Frequency II
and Your Permanent Solution

check out noise here.


I may be rambling but I don't care.
More pictures from the Library Comic Con!!

These two guys kept ME entertained as I drew them. They must do a radio show or podcast and if they don’t they should. the dude on the right reminded me of Brent Hinds. Crack the Skye!

These people all seemed really happy together. so i put hearts around them. is that corny? I don’t think so. and if I’m wrong i don’t wanna be right!

This family has the best variety of hairdos and head shapes. fun to draw.
the boy on the right was a pro at posing for a picture. A natural! Cool people.

harley quinn. she seemed very serious and looked at the picture intently. i was under scrutiny. i think she liked it. she seemed very aware of herself and blew off this dude wearing a Joker costume in a pretty righteous manner. people over half my age can handle the outside world better than I do…

it was the end of the day. i was so scared of screwing her picture up. i wanted to make sure it looked as good as the first ones. I think it turned out cool. she left a full page drawing in my public sketchbook afterwards. it was awesome.

 this dude looked familiar and the lady reminded me of someone I knew in the Bay Area. what a trip. she was cool and he had a good story.
 he literally was on board a flight, ready to go when they cancelled it due to smoke coming out of vents/air conditioning unit. so he came back just as I was wrapping things up for the last picture of the day (he had tried earlier but it was busy at the time). i’m glad I stuck around. We ended the day on a good note.
he also gave me some good tips on Dr. Who. I will definitely be watching the Matt Smith stuff.

Wish I had taken a picture of everyone.

I got to meet two of the artists in this local comic book.
Elysium Jacks and Jay "Toofless" O'Leary.
I think Elysium brought up that she was in a comic and I blurted out-"Is it free?!" I have no idea why I say dumb things like that. she signed it too. I owe her a trade.
its a good read and really professional looking. now i know why i don't do comics anymore. there's people way more qualified.

There were a lot of memorable people.
*the girl whose mom or whatever kept telling her to smile but i think she was being more honest and real by not smiling.

*the two boys who were goofing on each other. one said the other looked like mr.t with his new haircut. he didn't but i drew him with a jeans vest, medallions and a "I pity da fool!" anyways.

*the guy I drew as dr. strange...
everyone was cool, even the ones who weren't.

yeah…the comments section.
haters bum me out.
if i read 'em i'll start throwing luggage around in my smelly cage. you can use the new email though:


(this girl was the happiest person i met
all day, even in 90 degree weather!)
A special thanks to everyone who stopped by
the booth to get their caricature done!
We were able to raise some money for the Library
and I got to hear all sorts of cool stories from people.

(best skull shape)
7 and 1/2 hours of kids and adults smiling
at you inside a booth is pretty cool.
(okay, they were posing for a picture...)

(best smiles without showing your teeth)
The boy on the left looks like a kid I knew in school
and the boy on the right is an artist himself.
He drew a dinosaur skeleton in my public sketchbook.

(most expressions in three minutes-they say we
have 7 primary expressions-they exceeded that)
Batman and Bumble Bee were real troopers waiting
for me to finish their rendering in the heat.

(best batgirl & hair, best wolverine)
I didn't know Batgirl and Wolverine had the same
mom. Wolverine liked the picture. I swear!

(best fashion sense)
Everyone was cool and things went pretty
smoothly which is unusual.
This girl knows what i'm talking about.

(more pictures coming soon.)

P.S.-Thanks to Josh, Bob and Nora for the help,
assistance and supplies.


Larry Gebert.
The man. The hair. The 'stache.

I had a Larry sighting in an Albertson's once.
We were in the candy aisle. He seemed
pretty focused on deciding what to get.
I can't remember which candy was under
scrutiny.  I didn't say anything, I just
walked on by. The man is as tall as an
oak tree. Or i'm really short.

Probably both.

Anyways, best local celebrity ever!

Be sure to check out the Pikture Booth at this
year's Library Comic Con. We'll be on the
street so you can't miss it.
All proceeds going to the Friends of the Boise
Public Library.

Pikture Booth...and Bothering an Old Lady Round II

A few random shots of the Booth.
Still painting.

Got to see the old lady in the waiting room again.
she didn't say anything but I talked her ear off.

She turned completely sideways in her
chair to physically say she didn't want to
acknowledge me.

She got to hear all about San Francisco
street hookers and working fast food seven
days a week on Van Ness and Eddy.

Maybe she was listening. I dunno. I talk too
much and there wasn't much of an opening
for her to say anything. But i'm pretty sure
she wasn't going to say anything back.
She probably just wanted to see me
swinging from a tree.
Maybe she didn't like the "luvttoos" my
kids decided to scrawl on me.

I got to go in first this time though.
I told her that we'd be seeing each other
again. either way-a bond is forming.

Check out my "luvttoos"
and the Booth on the 29th.
The Library downtown.


Prof. Paughes needs a finished
paint job before this CON.

There's this guy in Garden City, Idaho that has a massive Confederate Flag waving from the back of his truck. Maybe he's originally from the south and the flag represents his heritage. I dunno.
I think the Mexican dudes laughing their asses off as they passed him didn't find it very threatening either. it's america and you can wave whatever flag you want. just don't expect anyone to jump when you drive by.