Look for this booth in August.
Still looking around for some decent curtains.

The rest of the day will be spent helping
someone else out. I know these people
are trying to wean themselves off some
weird shit but they're replacing one
addiction with another by chain
smoking and downing pepsi.

they're adults. So it's none of my
business. i just have to breathe it in
every time I go out for some "fresh" air.

some of these people are
tweaked for life. no one wants to say
it but it's true. They need constant
supervision and help. Jesus will not
be enough. Sorry.

And quitting whatever you're on won't
stop the voices in your head, it'll only
change the frequency.

There's no funds to help these people
out but there's a reserve to help fight
gay marriage?

Gonna try and go outside today with
this attitude:
Keep on keeping on...


#4 out of 6 this year.
CD-R includes 320 kbps MP3, video,
additional artwork.

Recorded during a record heat wave.

While my brain was cooking inside my thick
skull, I arranged sounds. mostly rain, thunder,
electrical hums and pulses.

25 copies made.
15 already mailed out.
After physical copies are sold out, i'll
be putting all of this up on Bandcamp
sometime in the fall. Hooray?
click logo below.

They Live, We Sleep

Thanks for all the links and articles
about Butch Otter. Wish I could say
that I felt better. You have to read
multiple articles to kind of guesstimate
where the facts really are. Can't
say i'm looking for truth...but I am
more informed now. More disturbed.

Third term. People voted.
They Live. We sleep.

On a more positive note-Kaboom!
(45% completed)

I'll be sketching nonstop and hopefully
rendering your goofy faces to help raise
money for the library comic con.
Beautiful people need not apply.

Cool things I discovered at the library:
King Crimson
Virginia Francis Sterrett
Henri Rousseau
Richard Corben
Kurt Vonnegut
Madeleine L'Engle
Van Halen II
Curtis Mayfield-Roots
Ornette Coleman

another repost

Someone asked to see a larger
version of "Transmundane" so
here it is-in all it's unfinished glory.

Also, reposted the Butch Otter rant
if you care to read it. Again.
After talking to a few people they
wanted to add a few things.

Inspiration for the day:


Our governor opened his awful gaping
maw about gay marriage again.
Way to be divisive, dude.

I guess Butch thinks some people are not
entitled to the same rights as others...

How about concentrating on something more
important? Like how my son's special needs
class is always asking for crayons, food,
paper, etc..

Maybe you should take a look at the
budget. Don't go first class, Butch.
Go coach! And don't waste money
trying to stop this whole gay marriage
thing. It's lame.

Let the kids have their milk. Let people have
their weddings. And quit trying to piss on
someone else's parade.

They say that the real homophobic
types are the most closeted queens
around. At least that's what my old Bay
Area pals say. They say that you're
greezy, shellacked hairdo screams-

What's it like living in Idaho? It's exactly
as it sounds. A little behind and sometimes
hard to defend.

The gazes. The prolonged stares...
I still haven't grown accustomed to
being gawked at like the imported panda
exhibit at the zoo.

After 19 years of living here-I can only
come to one conclusion-some people
actually think that YOU are infectious.
doesn't matter how big or small you are.

Some days it gets to you.
Other days it's just sad and corny.

So it isnt much of a surprise when you
hear the governor is wasting time
and money on something like this.

My kids and their friends tell me all kinds
of insane stories of racist/homophobic shit
being blurted out during class and no one
does a thing. Which guess tells the class
that it's tolerated, maybe even accepted.

A large number of kids my son went to
school with didn't even graduate. Education
should come first here but it doesn't.
I guess that's where 90% of this ignorant
shit comes from.

I didn't grow up here. People keep track of that
kind of thing around these parts. Maybe that's
part of the problem.

(the all-new, updated blog? i'm getting there...)