#107-HEY DUDES...

Rebooted my TUMBLR thing.
I think it's working right.

:)-oh! it's a smiley face. I get it now...
(still confused by futuristic widgets...)



(click to enlarge)
rough ballpoint pen test animation for


Taking a break before getting back to SUMII II &
the still untitled ANIMATED MIXTAPE. Dubbing
sound is tricky.

Also forgot to mention that a new
Tura & Eva comic is in Al Asker's
anthology TARZAN AND THE

These are also available:

Sketchbook 2014 (second printing)
Limited to 50 copies

Limited to 100 copies


(Wot!!! Yoo no ah like chinese foo?! Ahh fakka yoo! Brian Jim Max Sumii)

When I wasn't subjected to someone's insane
pitch/rant about their overpriced Kickstarter
campaign, I was able to shake a few sweaty
palms, have a few conversations with
complete strangers/friends and I also
got to meet a pile of cosplay/costume people...

The empire was there...

...and they were able to hang
with the rebellion.

Everyone loves The Muppets. I don't.
No offense to these dudes but...
I didn't care if they Took Manhattan.
I wanted to see The Terminator and
The Temple of Doom.

Hey! It's the female Star Lord and...
i'm gonna say this dude is Moon Knight.

And while I liked GUARDIANS like everyone
else in the world I still liked X-MEN a little
more. And i'm not saying that because this
guy dressed as Quicksilver is (I think) asian.
All hail Asian Quicksilver!

I knew this was Kiki because my 5 year
old watches the movie over and over
and over again...I liked the film the first
37 times. I like all Miyazaki films the first
37 times.

Hey, Spidey! I actually liked your new
movie in a cheap, corny mall-flick kinda
way. I even liked Beavis Goblin! It was
hilarious (until he killed your girlfriend).

Max isn't here to tell me what version of
Deadpool this is. I wouldn't know because
I really don't like Deadpool.

I don't hate him as much as I hate
the fucking Muppets but I still am annoyed
by the overabundance of him everywhere.

Anyways-i'm gonna take a guess
without bothering to GOOGLE this shit
and say he's the all new Uncanny Weapon X
X-Force New Mutant Ninja Turtle Deadpool.


(click to inlarjuh)
Words of inspiration from Chester the Bulldog.
A ballpoint pen scribble included when somebody
was sent this:
Yeah, I know..it's another commercial.